University Arrest Rates Highlight The Need for Campus Safety Efforts

Arizona criminal defenseAttending four years of college can be stressful for many young adults in Arizona. The heap of classwork and complex exams can keep students on edge. Some Arizona college students find relief in social gatherings and activities. However, when those activities get out of hand because of alcohol, drugs and violence, students could make ill-advised decisions that could impact them for the rest of their lives.

Primary causes of campus arrests

Arizona State University alone experienced approximately 2,296 safety-related incidents involving students, on and off campus, in 2016. Roughly 95.6 percent of all incidents happened on ASU campus, 4.1 percent of incidents happened in Tempe campus neighborhoods and 0.4 percent of incidents happened off campus. About 62.3 percent of all incidents resulted in disciplinary action by ASU. In addition, arrests for the following crimes included:

  • Possession of alcohol, drugs and/or weapons - 31.9 percent
  • Violence and/or sexual assault against women - 0.8 percent
  • Major crimes such as murder, rape, robbery, aggravated assault, and arson - 5 percent

By comparison, ASU’s Tempe Campus had 46 arrests for burglaries and 528 drug arrests in 2016.  These numbers were lower than in 2015 but are on par with the 2014 arrest rate, with drug arrests being slightly higher. These numbers do not include other crimes across all campuses over that three-year period. ASU has over 42,000 students, but the raw numbers and year-to-year trends highlight the need for effective campus safety efforts.

The need for public safety and awareness

Both campus police and student awareness can help keep a campus safe. By stepping up enforcement, arrest rates may increase but the proactive approach will reduce the risk posed by the offenders by quickly removing them from a situation, according to Michael Dorn, the executive director of Safe Havens International. A higher police presence will result in more arrests. Any increase in arrests could also be a cause of increased trust in the police force, resulting in more students calling for assistance.

The size of Arizona State increases the scope of the issue and presents more opportunity for incidents to happen. These arrest trends provide a reminder that investing in campus safety should always be a priority for all involved — campus administrators, campus police, and the student body.

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