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Estate Planning With Family Over the Holidays Has Advantages

Family discusses estate planning over the holidays

Securing your legacy with a legal will protects your wishes and family.

The holiday season in Arizona is a time of joy, family gatherings, and reflection. While many use this time to exchange gifts and create lasting memories, it's also an ideal opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations that extend beyond the festivities. One important topic to consider is estate planning.

An estate plan is a comprehensive set of legal documents usually prepared with the help of a trusted estate planning attorney. The plans outline how assets, properties, and personal belongings will be managed and distributed when an individual passes. It serves as a roadmap for family, guiding them through important decisions during a challenging time.

Although it's not likely to be the first thing on people's minds this special time of year, taking the initiative to discuss the contents of a final will during the holidays is a responsible and caring decision that helps protect legacies and ensure a family's well-being.

Why you should discuss estate planning over the holidays

Engaging in estate planning discussions during the holiday season holds several advantages. First, the relaxed and festive atmosphere creates an environment conducive to open communication. Families are already gathered, fostering a sense of unity and providing a natural platform for discussing important matters. Although bringing up the topic of estate planning may seem daunting, it can be done with sensitivity and care. Consider the following tips:

  • Choose the right setting. Find a quiet and comfortable space where everyone can gather without distractions. A relaxed setting promotes open and honest conversations.
  • Start the conversation. Here are a few ways to get the ball rolling:
    • "I've been looking into estate planning and think it's time we discuss it as a family. Since we're all here for the holidays, now is a good time."
    • "Estate planning might feel like an unusual holiday topic, but it's a meaningful discussion to ensure our family's future. Can we take some time for this?"
    • "With the holidays here, it crossed my mind that we should discuss our family's future and how we can ensure everyone is taken care of with estate planning."
  • Emphasize shared goals. Highlight that the purpose of estate planning is to ensure the family's well-being and uphold your wishes. Reinforce that this process is about protecting the family's future.
  • Highlight the benefits. Emphasize the peace of mind that comes with having a well-thought-out estate plan.
  • Encourage questions. Be open to questions and concerns from family members. This fosters a collaborative approach and allows everyone to have a say in the decision-making process.
  • Propose next steps. Discuss the timeline for executing an estate plan and consider scheduling a time to follow up with family and an experienced Arizona estate planning lawyer.
  • Express gratitude. Reinforce that this is a collective effort and participation is appreciated.

Don't put off this important conversation any longer

While the holiday season is an opportune time to discuss estate planning, the consequences of procrastination are severe. Without a well-documented estate plan, assets may be subject to unnecessary taxation, and the distribution may not align with intentions.

Worse yet, the absence of a plan could lead to legal battles, leaving families in disarray. By addressing key priorities and fostering open communication, individuals can protect their legacies and provide their families with the security and clarity they deserve.

The key to avoiding the pitfalls of a poorly constructed will is to contact an experienced Arizona estate planning lawyer early on in the process. At The Law Firm of Brown & Jensen, we ensure your plan aligns with state regulations, minimizing the potential for disputes, avoiding over-taxation, and safeguarding your family's future.

If you need to create or update a will and testament or other type of estate plan in Arizona, contact us for a free consultation. A member of our team can answer your questions and explain how The Law Firm of Brown & Jensen can help you make plans to protect your legacy this holiday season.

With offices in Show Low, Payson, Chandler, Goodyear, Mesa, Peoria, Scottsdale, and Tucson, our estate planning attorneys serve all of Arizona.

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