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Criminal Defense Testimonials

I found Charlie Naegle online and took a chance- BEST DECISION EVER!! Not only is Charlie an exceptional attorney he was also a very kind man. I went through an extreme DUI case and Charlie was there step for step walking me through all of my court dates. He even went so far as to see how I was doing in between appointments. Not only did he get the results I wanted, he went above and beyond my expectations!

From my family to yours, Charlie Naegle, thank you so very, very much.

- Tracey, 5 stars

"The Best Experience At the Worst of Times"

I recently had a family member go through a very challenging DUI situation. Circumstances could have had this individual serving an extended sentence in jail. Charlie Naegle was the difference

The information we received from Charlie was clear, accurate and intelligently presented. The court case was skillfully handled. The bottom line is the optimum results achieved could have only been accomplished with Charlie's guidance and leadership.

- Jim, 5 stars

I had a need for an attorney after I was brutally pulled over for speeding 10 miles over the speed limit (at gun point) by an overzealous MCSO officer. I was referred to Charlie Naegle by a friend. Mr. Naegle was extremely helpful in explaining the legal process and language in a very easy to understand manner. He did not portray any stuck up attitude at all, although this is so typical of his profession. He guided us through the court system, explained to the court why the MCSO may have perceived my speed higher than it was and was able to reduce the charges. I am very thankful for his help, his professionalism and his knowledge was impressive.

- Johannes, 5 stars

Charlie Naegle is a most personable and professional attorney. His personality and demeanor made it easy for us to be relaxed with him and talk freely. His knowledge of the law, and ability to strategize the approach for our case gave us great confidence. He was open and frank at all times, so we could be with him. He also gave me the feeling that if I tried to shade the truth, or mislead him, he'd know it instantly. He is obviously intelligent and shrewd in his knowledge of both people and the law.

The result of having Charlie, and all these capabilities of his, on our side resulted in a resounding victory - a most pleasant and almost surprising outcome of our case. Thanks Charlie. I can't recommend him highly enough.

- Tom, 5 stars

"Incredible Legal Advocate in the Criminal Law Arena"

Unfortunately, I have needed Charlie Naegle's legal assistance many times. Fortunately, not for myself, but for friends and family. Charlie is a top notch and quality attorney. Being an attorney, I am somewhat familiar with what clients like from their attorney. I am no different. They want to feel like their attorney really does have a vested interest in their specific case. They want to be able to rely on an attorney who will keep them informed and will get back with them as quickly as possible after leaving a message. They want an attorney who they know will represent them professionally and who will get aggressive when warranted.

Charlie does all of the above and much more. He kept me informed as the cases progressed. I never had a difficult time reaching him and he was always very prompt in returning my calls when I did have to leave a message. He is very knowledgeable about Arizona law. His clients are people/individuals to him, rather than just some case number which is too common with many attorneys.

Facing criminal charges can be a very serious and anxious time in a person's life. Charlie clearly understands that and does everything possible to help his clients be less stressful and less anxious. He cares about his clients, but more importantly, he makes it very clear to his clients that they know he cares about them and is willing to work hard for them to achieve the best outcome. Knowing that brought me and those who he was representing on my referral, great comfort and peace.

Luckily, I can state honestly that I have not personally ever needed the services of a criminal defense attorney. However, people very close to me, including family members, have. The clients I have referred have ALL been very pleased with every aspect of his representation. He obtained many great results. People who knew they were going to have to go to prison ended up going for a much shorter period than expected. Others did not end up serving any jail time when it appeared they were going to. He goes out of his way for his clients and is willing and does go the extra mile.

I guess the only other thing that I can say is that if I ever do need a criminal defense attorney, I would definitely retain Charlie Naegle. In a world where many professionals, including attorneys, seem to do the least they have to in order to "get by," it is refreshing and encouraging, knowing that there are attorneys like Charlie Naegle out there doing everything and anything possible to provide top quality legal representation to people in real need.

- Mike, 5 stars

"A Great Lawyer To Have On Your Side"

Mr. Naegle is very knowledgeable of the law and helped my case get dismissed. He was always on time to the courthouse and any other meetings we had. Charlie Naegle answered all my questions promptly and with a great attitude. I have recommended Mr. Charlie Naegle to some of my friends and will recommend him again and again.

- Nathan, 5 stars

"Top Notch Law Firm"

Charlie and his Team were great at handling my case. They instilled me with the needed confidence to handle my case. Not only from my first call but to the hearing and final dismissal of my charge! Thank you for your assistance!

- Avvo client, 5 stars

"Excellent Attorney"

Charlie was there for me when I needed him. He was able to answer all of my questions. I've always heard that lawyers are liars, but Charlie really fought my charges as though he was a friend defending me. It's clear to see that Charlie has been around the block when it comes to criminal defense and it seemed as though his connections were never ending.

- Avvo client, 5 stars

"Satisfied Client"

I would recommend Charlie. He represented my daughter and was great. He knows criminal law very well and has a great presence in the court room. It was obvious that the judge had great respect for Charlie by his comments. Charlie was always on time, well prepared and very attentive. He really helped us with a very stressful situation. I would recommend him to everyone without hesitation.

- Avvo client, 5 stars

"Charlie Naegle goes above and beyond for his clients! Highly recommend."

Charlie took my husband's DUI case knowing it was going to be a challenge to get him the best outcome! He worked hard on my husband's case and did everything in his power to collect everything he could in my husband's favor to help reduce his sentencing which he did and I consider him to be a blessing to the outcome of the case. Thank you, Charlie Naegle!

- Isabelle, 5 stars

"Best Attorney For Criminal Law"

I refer everyone whoever needs a criminal attorney to Charlie Naegle! He is an expert in his field and knows the law! I have referred many of my friends to him because he is professional and is for the client. He truly works for you and will fight for you! Everyone I have sent to him has been more than happy with their experience! Thank you Charlie Naegle for all you do!

- Marie, 5 stars

"I highly recommend having Charlie on your side."

At 17 years old, I had gotten a DUI and had only two weeks until my court date. Right away we contacted Charlie and he was able to help. We met up with Charlie and he informed us as to how the case would go down. Since a certain situation happened in my case he wasn't sure if we would be able to completely get it dropped but could at least get me the minimum charges. Months later I had another court date and Charlie was able to get my DUI dropped and I was only charged with an MIC. I highly recommend Charlie for your case. He is funny as well as very knowledgeable in his work. I cannot thank Charlie enough for what he has done for me and how he has saved my family.

- Avvo client, 5 stars

"Excellent Attorney"

Charlie was there for me when I needed him most. He was able to get my case dismissed. This was truly a very trying time for me and my family and he came through. I couldn't be happier with his hard work and his knowledge of the law.

- Avvo client, 5 stars

"Glad I had him as my lawyer!"

I hired Charlie after getting a Felony 6 weapons charge. I called his office as well as 5 other lawyers and after setting up consultations with the latter 5 I received a call back from Charlie later that day as I received his VM during my initial call. Truth is, I completely forgot about my call to him. He called me back and we discussed briefly my charges and that I had interviews set up already for the following day. However, after speaking with him, he was the only one that explained how the process will work starting with my initial appearance in court. The other 5 had not. I then went on to this site and reviewed each of the lawyers and was sold on Charlie as my lawyer to represent me.

Best decision I made, let's face it, hiring and retaining a lawyer is a crapshoot comparable to finding a doctor. The prosecution played hardball throughout the process and Charlie reassured me that delaying judgment until he could get the charges reduced was in my best interest even though I just wanted to get this over with. The outcome was that the Felony 6 "Dangerous designation" was reduced to an "Undesignated Felony, non-dangerous and non-repetitive." The prosecution never gave up trying for maximum penalization up to the last hearing. Neither did Charlie - I received a much lesser time on probation, minimal requirements during the probation and basically the prosecutors got about 1/3rd of the penalties that they wanted attached to the terms of probation. I owe all this to the Lord who guided me to Charlie and let him do the rest.

Charlie is as advertised, will fight hard for you during your troubled time and doesn't let up. Hopefully I won't be in need of his services except to get the charges reduced to a misdemeanor and eventually set aside and he assured me he will be there for me when that time occurs. Very confident, well respected by his peers as well as his adversaries as I witnessed firsthand his interaction with all court personnel. Charlie Naegle is one of the top defense attorneys practicing law in the State of Arizona and I fully endorse him to anyone in need of a great lawyer who fights for his clients' rights and their defense against the charges against them. Thank you, Charlie!!

- Larry, 5 stars

"Fantastic job, couldn't have had better."

Charlie is the pit bull you want on your side. He is friendly, outgoing, cares about his clients, and sees what he needs to do to get the job done. While other attorneys care about themselves, I felt like Charlie was behind me 100%. He listened to what was important to me. I'd recommend that anyone looking for an attorney call Charlie Naegle and see what he can do for you.

- Freddy, 5 stars

"Awesome Criminal Defense Attorney!"

We hired Charlie Naegle to help us resolve a criminal charge my son was facing. Mr. Naegle went above and beyond, making sure we were informed and aware of every step in the process. He is fair and really uses his connections in the system to make sure my son received a fair judgment. We were extremely happy and will turn to Mr. Naegle with any future legal questions or concerns.

- Avvo client, 5 stars

I can say without a doubt he is the best attorney. Charlie handled my DUI case with the utmost care. In court, the way he handled everything was something out of the movies!

Charlie answered my questions and even called me back within 5 min while on vacation of me calling the office. YOU MATTER! Unlike others where you are a name on paper.

- C.B., 5 stars

The work Mr. Naegle did for my family was simply amazing. My son was facing some serious charges, aggravated battery. It seemed almost impossible for him to not receive serious jail time. However, Mr.  Naegle did the undoable. I cannot thank him enough. I would advise anyone in need of a good lawyer to not take any chances. Instead, call Charlie Naegle.

- Vanessa, 5 stars

These are the guys you need on your side for legal help. I called a bunch of other law firms and felt like I was getting the runaround. I found that Charlie Naegle was honest and more than willing to answer my phone calls and go above and beyond what was expected. Having legal problems can be extremely stressful, but with Charlie I had the peace of mind that everything was going to be OK. Without a doubt, I would use these guys again.

- Curtis, 5 stars

I sought Charlie Naegle out for legal advice for a matter I was dealing with about 6 months ago. He spent about an hour with me going over my case and helped me understand what I was up against. He was honest and I came away from the meeting grateful for his time. Even though my case never went to court, Charlie was great and I would recommend his firm to anyone!

- Robb, 5 stars

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Divorce and Family Law Testimonials

"Brad is AMAZING."

My family court case has been the most complicated obstacle to deal with, and Brad really made things happen. I've been treated unfair for over 6 months and Brad opened the judge's eyes to see she was making poor choices. Brad really knows how to move the court and get the job done. His passion for standing up for what is right is outstanding. There is no mountain too high for Brad. He stays focused, detail-oriented and has his eye on the prize. I believe Brad can relate to his clients because he has children of his own. Overall, Brad is the best choice I made to walk with me in this terrifying part of my life. AMAZING! Thank you, Brad!

- Kristin, 5 stars

"Highly recommend Brad to anyone"

I've unfortunately been to family court a number of times with different attorneys over the years and I can confidently say that Brad is amazing at what he does. He's professional, personable, understanding, and has a great ability to explain the ups and downs of the process. He's experienced in and out of the courtroom, proved to be even better than my high expectations, and I would highly recommend him to anyone.

- John, 5 stars


So grateful that I picked Mr. Crider, he did an awesome job, I got the best outcome possible with my case. He is knowledgeable, caring, understanding, and has the ability to explain things in such a way that you understand the process. I am truly impressed with the job he did for me and my family we are so grateful for his help.

- Avvo client, 5 stars


Represented myself in a high conflict family matter regarding custody with no avail. Was recommended Brad by a friend after meeting him it was a no-brainer he was my lawyer! He had gotten me further in one hearing than I was able to in 7 years! Brad did an amazing job! If I were to go back to court I would never go with anyone but Brad in my corner!

- James W., 5 stars

"He's Fantastic"

My husband and I have been involved in a difficult custody case and Mr. Crider and his staff have provided excellent care and consideration. We couldn't be more pleased with his efforts to handle our case (especially since we reside out of state!!). He's amazing and highly qualified to handle some of the most difficult situations.

- Heather, 5 stars

"Great Lawyer and Person"

I would recommend Brad, he has been a tremendous help to me and my friend who referred me to him. He left the law firm he previously worked for and I couldn't find him, so his prior law firm gave me another attorney - which I ended up having a horrible experience with. After my court case ended and I was still having issues with my ex I looked for a new attorney and found Brad again, so I reached out to him and met with him again (years after I originally met with him). He felt bad about my experience and the fact that the other practice lied to me about his whereabouts, so he provided me a free consultation. He even helped me over the phone when I was having other issues with my ex, even though I had not hired him. He went out of his way to return my calls and remembered who I was - which is not something I experienced with the other attorney from the prior law firm. Next time I go to court I will be hiring Brad!

- Laura, 5 stars

Brad is an outstanding lawyer with a very reasonable rate! He is very knowledgeable about the law and will give it to you straight and steer you in the right direction. I highly recommend him and his staff in any divorce case.

- Jason, 5 stars

"Highly recommended"

Brad was a great lawyer! This was my second time going to court for a child custody case. I was not impressed with my first lawyer I searched for a new one and found Brad and was glad I did. Brad was very supportive and made sure I knew all the possible outcomes. I was very nervous going into the courtroom but Brad made sure I knew what was going to happen and how to handle it. He represented my case very well and I was very impressed with him. I have already referred a friend who is going through a custody battle himself I hope he uses him as I believe Brad could help his case as well!

- Avvo client, 5 stars

"Father seeking custody"

Brad is currently working on my custody case we just had court for temporary orders and he got me way more than I expected. I was nervous about court and Brad made it very comfortable for me. I'm looking forward to the final court and seeing how Brad does.

- Brandon, 5 stars

"Brad Crider: An Amazing Attorney"

I have been extremely pleased with the service I received and continue to receive from Mr. Crider. I interviewed several other attorneys, and even worked with a couple of others before finally deciding that Mr. Crider was the attorney I wanted to represent me. I am glad I did. He took the time to really listen to my concerns and his calm demeanor and legal knowledge put me at ease during the most stressful time of my life. He helped me sort through what evidence to gather and came up with a game plan that would help us manage our time before the judge so that the judge could hear and review everything that needed to be considered in my case.

My case was very involved and a lot of evidence needed to be presented during the trial regarding finances. This left little time to address child custody issues, which I also had concerns with. Mr. Crider requested that the court order that my ex-spouse and myself meet with a "parenting conference provider" prior to trial. This allowed us to gather evidence regarding child custody and parenting time issues that would be reviewed by the judge. I provided the evidence to the parenting conference provider, she wrote up a report validating my concerns, and this report saved us time during trial so that the financial issues could be addressed. The financial issues involved fraud, deception and marital waste. In a community property state where things tend to be split 50/50 in a divorce, I was concerned that I might be stuck paying for my ex-spouse's indiscretions. This was not the case.

Because of Brad's planning and legal knowledge, I was able to have almost all of my financial evidence as well as child custody evidence heard. My ex was ordered to pay all credit card debt which exceeded an amount still unknown to me because my ex refused to disclose everything, but I know it exceeded well over $20,000. He was also ordered to pay half of my student loans which were used to pay joint living expenses during our marriage. As far as parenting time and child custody, my concerns were also heard. My ex was given every other weekend and Wednesday nights. I was also given final decision making.

I thought that things would settle down once the divorce was finalized. This has not been the case. My ex has cooperated with very little since the divorce, and Mr. Crider has been by my side the whole time. I had to file a restraining order shortly after the divorce. Mr. Crider helped me acquire a parenting coordinator to act as a mediator between myself and my ex, as communication with my ex has been extremely difficult since the divorce. The parenting coordinator has helped put a stop to some of the issues we have had post decree. My ex has also refused to comply with some of the orders handed down in the decree. Mr. Crider helped me file a petition of contempt, and now a contempt hearing has been scheduled to enforce the decree. Mr. Crider's professionalism, responsiveness, knowledge, and integrity have surpassed my every expectation. I would recommend Mr. Crider in a heartbeat to anyone going through a divorce or who has child custody issues.

- Avvo client, 5 stars

"Father Custody Battle"

I hired Brad 6 days before my hearing for custody of our 4 yr old daughter. I got taken by the previous lawyers and took a chance hiring him. He got up to speed over the weekend and was READY to go in court. I had nothing to do but hope. Well, the knowledge that he had on my case and the law in general blew me away. I won full custody of my daughter, as a father that is NOT easy to do. The mother was ordered to pay me child support but I declined. Happy with Brad... no question about it!

- Jason, 5 stars


I've known Brad Crider most of my life. I not only call him my friend but have used him with a few issues in my life. He has given me advice and helped me with custody related problems as well as pursued other matters regarding not being paid from an employer. He has also helped my girlfriend with her child custody issues as well as with her ex. I would recommend his service to anyone who needs help in all matters he is related to.

- Bradley Humphrey, 5 stars

"I am so grateful for Mr. Crider and recommend him to everyone!"

I hired Mr. Crider by recommendation from a family member and am extremely happy that I did. You never want to be in a situation where you need a lawyer but if you ever are, Mr. Crider is your man. He is very knowledgeable, explains everything that could happen and keeps you updated. He completely put my fears at ease. He was very comfortable in the court room, which made me relax and completely trust him. He was willing to work with me on payment and without him I probably would not have full custody of my son. I am so grateful for him and would recommend him to everyone!

- Chanin, 5 stars

"Exceptional Representation!!!"

I hired Brad to represent me in my divorce and I'm glad I did. He was compassionate and caring from the start. Brad really knew his stuff and was well prepared for every hearing and meeting. My spouse hired an expensive well-known lawyer and Brad did not blink an eye. I knew I had made the right choice in hiring Brad when before my Court hearing he described to me what was going to happen and he was spot on with what the judge actually said. I have referred a friend of mine and a co-worker to Brad. I could tell that Brad was an honest person and did not look at me as a client, but someone he truly cared about. Brad was aggressive in and out of the courtroom, but he cared about my costs and did not do unnecessary work. My son has autism so I was very concerned with his long-term care. Brad made sure that my mind was put at ease on many occasions when I was stressed or worried that my son would not be provided for. I couldn't have asked for anything more from Brad and I will not hesitate to call on him in the future.

- Avvo client, 5 stars

"Highly Recommended"

My custody battle nightmare began with my children being taken from my home based on my ex-wife's false allegations. I am so grateful to have had Brad work on my case. His hard work, persistence and attention to detail resulted in having all my children returned to me. I could never say enough regarding his work in and out of the court room. He went above and beyond what I ever expected and I would easily recommend him to anyone requiring legal help.

- Chris, 5 stars

"Stellar Attorney"

Brad Crider has completely put my life back on track after a near miss with a divorce that resulted in a reconciliation thanks to Brad's timely and professional work in counter filing for divorce in Arizona and having my kids and wife return to Arizona. After losing my career of 15 years, Brad has also gotten my unemployment insurance reinstated, the overpayment reversed, and the status of fraud due to voluntary quit reversed in an appeals court decision this week. Had Brad not gotten these decisions reversed I would be prevented from being hired under the multiple job offers with the federal government that have been presented to me this week.

Brad is highly efficient and has a calm head under pressure in court that helps the testimony flow smoothly and accurately. He also does his research and guides his clients well in doing their own. Brad never tries to overcharge his clients and gains their utmost trust. I have worked with several other divorce attorneys and employment law attorneys and a good majority of them did not take the time to follow-up on their commitments in an ethical manner. Brad is the most honest, ethical, efficient and effective of them all.

- Chris, 5 stars

"Bradley Crider is the best attorney!!!"

Mr. Crider has really proven himself in our custody case. I would recommend him to everyone. He is now a great friend of the family and we are grateful for everything he has done.

- April, 5 stars

I never thought my family would face these problems, but Brad and his team made sure I knew it was going to be ok.

- Pierre

Brad made sure I was protected after my marriage ended. He's a lifesaver.

- P.L.

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Estate Planning and Tax Law Testimonials

I needed assistance in setting up various trusts, doing wills, etc. and Shad helped me every step of the way. He answered all my questions (sometimes two or three times), and was very patient with me. He responds very quickly if I have a question and send him an e-mail not only about the entities I had set up but a financial question not related to my estate."

- Brian, 5 stars

I used Mr. Brown to create an LLC, create a trust, and create a will for my wife and I. Mr. Brown was extremely helpful and insightful. He quickly responded to our questions and was very patient with us through the entire process! I highly recommend Mr. Brown!"

- Jordan, 5 stars

Shad has counseled me on a number of legal issues and has helped me with the creation of my personal estate planning documents. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone for their tax, trust, or will work. He exudes confidence and knowledge in his area of focus while acting with the utmost integrity for his clients.

- Spencer, 5 stars

My mom had passed away last January, and my siblings and me needed counsel to help deal with her estate and assets. I was referred to Shad Brown, after meeting him in person I felt confident that he would be the right estate planning lawyer to help me through all this mess. My confidence was right, as Shad was a true gentleman and professional - helping me through a troubling time in my life and advising me throughout the entire process. He was kind, courteous, intelligent, and just an overall nice and understanding guy who takes his job seriously. I don't think I could recommend an estate lawyer more than I can with Shad. I finally signed the papers to transfer my mom's property, so I am a very happy man. Thank you, Shad, for helping me, as I can now start moving forward with my life.

- John Vedera, 5 stars

Shad Brown is one of the best lawyers when you have a complicated estate plan. He is honest and will guide you along the process.

- Kris Richardson, 5 stars

Met with Mr. Brown for consultation on legalities in certain tax related topics, and found my time with him very informative.

­­- Mike Martin, 5 stars

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