An Arizona Attorney Adds Up the Financial Impact of a Divorce

A divorce may be one of the most stressful and devastating events in your life. Not only is it emotionally and mentally draining, it can be costly for two other reasons: You may be required to split assets and property with your spouse: According to Arizona law, any assets you have acquired during your marriage...

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The Legal Ramifications of Hemp and Cannabis in Arizona

Last year, Arizona legalized hemp growth, which is regulated by the Arizona Department of Agriculture. Due to its close relationship to marijuana, legal implications regarding cultivation, possession, and distribution of hemp apply. Most importantly, hemp can’t contain any more than 0.3 percent of THC, the intoxicating ingredient found in cannabis. Hemp is considered an economic...

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Arizona Attorney Discusses Difference Between A Misdemeanor and Felony

Being charged with any kind of crime can be scary, especially if you know you’re innocent. In some cases, police make mistakes. They arrest the wrong person who fits the description of a suspect. In other cases, people are charged with crimes simply because they misinterpreted a law that may have been poorly written.    Whether...

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Alimony Payments in Arizona

What is the most difficult part of the divorce process? For many couples, it’s the determination of alimony – the amount of money one spouse pays to another.   How much money should one party pay? And for how long? These big questions can be difficult to answer.   However, Arizona is one of the states that provide an online alimony tool for divorcing couples....

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Arizona Attorney Discusses How To Avoid Penalties This Tax Season

The 2018 tax filing season is just around the corner. Before you file, you should be aware of the potential penalties if you happen to make an error. These penalties can be avoided simply by leaving no stone unturned when filing your return.   What are the common penalties? The tax laws and codes are complex, and...

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How much child support do I need to pay? Arizona Attorney Explains

Paying child support is typically part of any divorce between couples with children. One of the first questions parents typically ask themselves is “How much child support should I be expected to pay?”  In Arizona, courts make support decisions based on the best interests of the children. Child support payments vary based on the needs of the...

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Attorneys Discuss Why Arizona Residents Should Establish A Will

We have seen it happen with several famous people who have died without wills – leaving their estates entangled in uphill legal battles. However, this problem isn’t just confined to celebrities. Unfortunately, many Arizona residents put their estate planning on the back-burner.   Anything can happen at any time. That’s why the attorneys at Brown, Naegle, Crider & Jensen LLC...

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The Long-Lasting Consequences of A DUI in Arizona: Our Attorneys Discuss

The holidays are fast approaching and many Arizona residents, as well as visitors, will be celebrating with family and friends. Many of these celebrations involve alcohol consumption. Police in Arizona are well aware of that and will be out in full force looking for drunk drivers. Police will stop you for the slightest infraction or...

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Marijuana edibles are illegal in Arizona, even for medical patients

An Arizona court has ruled that much of what medical marijuana dispensaries sell in the state is illegal. People with legitimate medical marijuana prescriptions could now face prison or jail sentences.   The problem happened in June 2018, when the state Court of Appeals ruled that anything extracted from marijuana is actually cannabis and that cannabis is still...

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What You Should Know About Earned Income Audits

Tax season is right around the corner, and there are some important things that are better to know before filing. One such issue worth consideration is an audit from the IRS. While audits are a fairly rare occurrence, with only about 0.5 percent of all taxpayers experiencing one in a given year, the odds of being selected...

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