Law Enforcement Cracking Down on DUIs this Holiday Season

The Governor’s Office is giving troopers a boost

Arizona DUI defenseArizona is cracking down on drunk driving this holiday season. Every year, more people drive drunk between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day than during any other time of the year. The Arizona Governor’s Office for Highway Safety has given troopers in Phoenix an additional $35,000 in federal funds to help local and state troopers catch drivers who are under the influence of alcohol. Additionally, they have granted $148,000 for portable DUI testing equipment. The GOHS has also provided additional funding to be used in DUI-recognition training programs, enforcing DUI laws and other DUI-related tasks.

One training program for law enforcement this holiday season is the Arizona Drug Evaluation and Classification program. This program has received national acclaim for the ways in which it trains law enforcement officers not only to detect DUIs, but also to tell the difference between a driver under the influence of alcohol and a driver who might have a medical or mental illness.

In order to become Drug Recognition Experts (DRE) through this program, officers must attend 72 hours of training before they can become field certified. DREs must then recertify every two years.

Highly trained officers aim to make the road a safer place

Programs such as the Arizona Drug Evaluation and Classification program prepare officers not just to apprehend drivers under the influence, but to recognize different signs of medical and mental illness. This has the potential for highly beneficial outcomes for the people of Arizona. Officers who are able to detect signs of medical or mental illness, as well as drivers under the influence of alcohol or other drugs, should in principle be able to help keep the roads safer, while at the same time, ensuring that those suffering mental or medical illness are able to get the help that they need.

Whether or not it’s the holiday season, driving while under the influence of alcohol is never okay. Alcohol can dull your senses, blur your vision and drastically slow down your reaction time. Trying to operate a vehicle under these conditions can cause you to become a danger to yourself and everyone else on the road with you. Moreover, because enforcement is so strict during the holiday season, and because Arizona has some of the nation's toughest DUI laws, driving under the influence can land you in serious legal hot water.

If you have been drinking with your family or at a holiday party, there are so many other options to get home besides driving impaired. Between cab companies and rideshare programs such as Uber and Lyft, there is no excuse to get behind the wheel after you have been drinking. Be smart this holiday season. Do not endanger your life and the lives of others on the road, and don't put your driving privileges at risk. And if you have been arrested for DUI during this holiday season crackdown, contact us today. Our dedicated DUI defense lawyers will help protect your legal rights.

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