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Mesa Estate Lawyers Who Can Help You Create a Revocable Trust

Let our law firm come up with a plan to meet your needs

Our Mesa estate lawyers can help you create a revocable trust, which are trusts that can be used to safeguard finances, increase privacy, manage assets, and help you avoid the dreaded Arizona probate process.

A revocable trust is a living trust where the grantor ─ or creator ─ of the trust can put assets away for the benefit of future beneficiaries but still maintain control of the trust up until death. Revocable trusts have a lot flexibility, meaning assets can be moved around, instructions can change, and the trust can be terminated. The purpose of a revocable trust is to protect assets and help beneficiaries avoid the probate process upon the grantor's death, while still giving the grantor flexibility to alter or terminate the trust during their lifetime.

The experienced Mesa estate attorneys at Brown & Jensen understand there are a lot of different reasons you may want to create a revocable trust, and our estate lawyers are ready to work with you to draft a plan that meets your needs and becomes a critical part of your estate plan. Let our Mesa legal team help you come up with a game plan for your legacy. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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Why you should consider having a revocable trust

Revocable trusts are not just for the rich, as even those without a lot of wealth can take advantage of having a revocable trust. Some benefits of having a revocable trust include:

  • Avoid guardianship or conservatorship: If you fail to plan properly, you could run into issues and find yourself at the mercy of the courts to grant a guardianship or conservatorship, which is when someone is appointed by the court to care for you when you are mentally or emotionally unable to maintain your personal care needs, financial affairs, or both. A thought-out revocable trust can contain special provisions in the event you become incapacitated, which could potentially save your estate from falling under court supervision.
  • Protect minor children: A revocable trust can contain provisions stating when minor beneficiaries will be allowed to access assets. The assets can be distributed at a certain age, such as when the beneficiary is 25 or 30, or staggered at different ages, depending on what the instructions say in the trust.
  • Privacy: Unlike a Last Will and Testament, which becomes public record after it's filed in probate, a revocable trust is a private contract that does not enter the public record unless the trust is being contested in court by beneficiaries.

Want to create a revocable trust? Get our legal team to help.

Protecting your estate from the painful probate process and ensuring your assets are distributed according to your wishes are just a couple of the benefits of creating a revocable trust. If you decide to create a revocable trust, you need one that actually meets your needs and is properly funded.

Mesa estate attorneys Scott T. Jensen and Shad M. Brown understand the complex Arizona laws that surround trusts, are well-versed in estate planning, and can help you come up with a strategy that meets your needs.

Let our law firm help you create a custom plan suitable for you and your family. Take control of your legacy. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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