Tax Collection and Payment Plans

A lawyer can help you move forward

If you owe taxes to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the Arizona Department of Revenue (ADOR) or any other government agency, you may be facing collection action. This is a stressful time that could have a significant impact on your finances and your life. The tax lawyers at Brown, Naegle, Crider & Jensen LLC can help.

Arizona tax attorney Shad M. Brown used to work for the IRS. Shad has extensive experience with both sides of tax collection actions, and he understands the steps the IRS takes after assessing a tax liability. Trust Shad's knowledge of tax law to minimize the impact on your life during a collection process.

Understanding tax collection

Once a tax liability has been assessed, the IRS can and will begin the collection process. The tools at the IRS' disposal, liens and levies, can cripple an individual's or business's finances.


The tax lien is a significant IRS tool that serves as a security device for the IRS to protect its position relative to other creditors. If a lien is filed against your real property, you may not be able to sell the property, modify your mortgage, or otherwise obtain needed financing without removing the cloud on title.


The IRS can also collect tax debts by use of levy - a legal seizure of property. Unlike a lien, a levy's purpose is to take your property away. The IRS can levy property and bank accounts as well as garnish your wages, a type of administrative levy that does not require a court order. Generally speaking, the IRS is required to give notice of its intent to levy, which gives you some time to take action - but you need to act quickly.

It may be possible, under certain circumstances, to challenge a levy and reduce the amount levied to allow for immediate expenses like housing and food. An experienced tax attorney can keep the IRS at bay and limit the damage caused by collections.

If you're facing collections, we can help

Remember, government agencies are ultimately beholden to the taxpayers, including you. They're supposed to work with you - but without an attorney on your side, you'll be at a significant disadvantage. We can work with the IRS, ADOR or other taxing authority to create a monthly payment plan or settle your debt entirely. We can also investigate the procedures used during the collection process and take action to protect your rights.

Taking on the IRS on your own is a recipe for failure. In this moment of crisis, turn to our law firm to represent your interests. Contact us online or call 480-378-9000 today to speak with an experienced tax lawyer.

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