Understanding Living Wills

Our Mesa attorneys will work to make sure your wishes are honored

While it's not a particularly pleasant topic, we do need to be conscious of the possibility of someday being incapacitated or in a vegetative state. As people continue to live longer lives with each generation, end-of-life planning has become critically important. One of the most important ways many Arizonans prepare for this possibility is by establishing a Living Will.

A Living Will is an important part of your estate plan because it establishes your wishes for medical treatment in the event that you can no longer speak for yourself. The estate planning lawyers at Brown, Naegle, Crider & Jensen LLC are dedicated to fighting for their clients' needs and interests. Attorneys Scott T. Jensen and Shad M. Brown will work with you to prepare a Living Will that clearly states your wishes and guides your family.

What a Living Will does

A Living Will is a written statement that describes your wishes about treatment if you are in a persistent vegetative state or irreversible coma, or receiving treatment to extend your life while battling a terminal condition. Living Wills can use general language such as "extend my life by all available means" or "provide for my comfort, no more," or they can specify particular treatments and therapies.

Your Living Will directs and guides others who may be making decisions on your behalf when you are unable to communicate due to your medical condition. It can be used alone or in conjunction with a Power of Attorney who is given authority to make medical decisions on your behalf. If you have both a Living Will and a Health Care Power of Attorney, the Living Will serves to guide the person designated as your Power of Attorney.

How a Living Will can help

If and when your Living Will goes into effect, it will be during a moment of serious hardship for your family. Taking care of a loved one who is terminally ill or in a vegetative state is incredibly emotionally trying. Sadly, it can also lead to conflict if family members disagree on the best course of action. This is your opportunity to speak into that crisis and provide your family with the comfort and confidence that comes from knowing they are following your wishes.

Our law firm will be proud to help draft the estate planning documents that will give you a voice in the event that you later become incapacitated. Contact us online or call 480-378-9000 to speak with an experienced attorney about your Living Will. We proudly serve the East Valley, including Chandler, Peoria, Goodyear and surrounding communities, and families throughout Arizona.

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