Spousal Maintenance (Alimony) in Arizona

An experienced divorce lawyer in Mesa will help you move forward

The determination of spousal maintenance - commonly known as alimony - can be one of the most complex and difficult components of a divorce. Unlike child support, spousal maintenance is assessed by the court and is not based on any specific formula. A judge may award either temporary or long-term payment depending on the situation.

Your financial future is at stake if alimony is disputed in your case, and we can help you find an optimal way to move forward. The Mesa divorce attorneys at Brown, Naegle, Crider & Jensen LLC know how to pursue fair levels of spousal maintenance that meet our clients' needs.

How much and how long?

There are certain guidelines that the court may take into consideration to determine both the amount and duration of spousal maintenance to be paid. Generally speaking, a judge will look at several factors, including the following:

  • How long the marriage lasted
  • Whether a party has the ability to provide for themselves
  • If one party helped put the other through school
  • Age of parties involved
  • Health of the children
  • The emotional and physical health of both parties
  • Standard of living during the marriage

Either party involved may be entitled to alimony. Temporary spousal maintenance is generally awarded to the party with lower income to help them through the transition of divorce, including legal fees.

An experienced attorney can help

Family law attorney Brad Crider is an expert at helping his clients understand the complexities of spousal maintenance. He will help you determine if your circumstances warrant spousal maintenance and how much you should request. Brad is both willing to negotiate with the other party regarding a fair alimony agreement and ready to litigate in court if an agreement cannot be reached.

Give us a call or contact us online today. We'll set up your initial meeting with Brad Crider and collect details about your case. Let an experienced Mesa attorney put his experience and knowledge to work for you and help you see the best possible outcome.

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