Defending Violent Criminal Charges

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Arizona law takes violent crimes very seriously. If you've been arrested and charged with a crime of violence, your freedom and your future are on the line. The most important step you can take is to call an experienced criminal defense attorney right away.

At Brown, Naegle, Crider & Jensen LLC, we're here to help you get this crisis situation under control. Violent crime defense lawyer Charlie Naegle has extensive experience defending people accused of violent crimes in Mesa and throughout Arizona. No matter what charge you're facing, we can help.

Charges we can help you fight

Some of the violent criminal charges we can help you fight include:

Violent and dangerous crimes receive a lot of media attention. Prosecutors often bring about charges without fully investigating specific cases. They may not want to appear soft on crime. They may be looking for headlines to boost their careers. They're motivated to get a conviction, and you need an attorney who can level the playing field.

A powerhouse defense for violent criminal charges

Charlie Naegle works tirelessly to defend each client's rights in and out of the courtroom. He's established strong relationships with prosecuting attorneys and judges in Maricopa County and throughout Arizona - which are critical in cases that can become personal and political for the prosecutors. Charlie will thoroughly investigate your case, find the flaws in the prosecution's strategy and advocate for your charges to be reduced or dismissed, or for a "not guilty" verdict at trial.

Take your charges seriously right from the start. Contact us online or call 480-378-9000 today to schedule your consultation with Charlie Naegle.

Assault/Aggravated Assault

One of the most common criminal violations in Arizona is assault. An accusation of assault or aggravated assault can bring serious criminal charges. Aggravated assault alone may be punishable by a term in prison, even for a first offense, depending on the circumstances surrounding the case.

Assault occurs when a person:

  1. Intentionally, knowingly or recklessly causing any physical injury to another person; or
  2. Intentionally placing another person in reasonable apprehension of imminent physical injury; or
  3. Knowingly touching another person with the intent to injure, insult or provoke such person.

In Arizona, the following circumstances may cause you to face enhanced penalties of aggravated assault:

  • Use of a dangerous instrument such as knives, bats, sticks, bottles, vehicles or anything that can or may be used against the victim that may cause serious injury.
  • Use of a deadly weapon such as a handgun, rifle or even a pellet/BB gun.
  • Imposing serious bodily injury such as broken bones or other injuries.

Assault is a serious offense, whether or not it is combined with an aggravating circumstance. Trust attorney Charlie Naegle to take action to protect your future. Charlie Naegle and his team will exhaust all possible defenses to minimize the impact of a conviction or even get the charges dismissed. Some defenses for assault can include: self-defense, necessity, lack of evidence or weapon or defense of a third person.

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Child Abuse

Under Arizona law, child abuse is one of the most serious charges - and rightly so - because children are considered a vulnerable age group. Unfortunately, unsubstantiated and false allegations of child abuse are very common. If you're facing charges for child abuse, you need a spirited defense to protect your rights and your future.

Common types of child abuse include:

  • Physical abuse
  • Neglect
  • Sexual abuse
  • Sexual exploitation
  • Emotional abuse
  • Abandonment
  • Child molestation

A conviction for child abuse could result not only in fines and imprisonment, but also loss of custody and visitation rights. That's why you need to get our team on your side immediately. Attorneys Charlie Naegle and Brad Crider have the experience and focus to represent you in both criminal and family court and make sure your rights are protected.

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In Arizona, kidnapping refers to the illegal act of taking or removing a person against his or her will, usually by means of force, violence, or the threat of violence. An individual can also face these charges for the act of confining, restraining or holding another person against his or her will.

The following is a list of factors that may aggravate the charges of kidnapping:

  • Hold the victim for ransom.
  • Use the victim as a shield or hostage.
  • Hold the victim for involuntary servitude.
  • Inflict death, physical injury or a sexual offense on the victim.
  • Place the victim in reasonable apprehension of imminent physical injury.
  • Interfere with the performance of a governmental or political function.
  • Seize or exercise control of an airplane, train, bus, ship or other vehicle.

If you have been accused of kidnapping or if you believe that you are under investigation, contact us right away. Kidnapping is a serious charge that could lead to lengthy imprisonment and other significant penalties. You need an experienced, focused defense attorney on your side today.

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First-degree murder is the most serious criminal charge in Arizona and carries with it the death penalty. Murder or manslaughter of any type can lead to decades or even life in prison. A murder or manslaughter charge is a full-blown crisis, and you absolutely need to get a skilled defense attorney on your side right away.

If you are charged with first-degree murder, in most cases you will be facing the death penalty. A death penalty sentence is handed down by a jury, not the judge. The jury must first find that there are aggravating circumstances before the death penalty can be given.

Charlie Naegle has successfully defended clients accused of murder and manslaughter throughout Maricopa County. When your life is on the line, you absolutely need a lawyer who handles criminal defense cases exclusively - and knows how to win them.

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Spousal Abuse

Spousal abuse is a form of domestic violence generally defined as any type of abusive or violent conduct between romantic partners who are married, dating or living together in the same residence. Abuse can be physical, verbal, emotional, financial or even spiritual in nature and can be either a singular incident or a repeated cycle over time. Depending on the circumstances, individuals accused of spousal abuse can be charged with a variety of different crimes, including assault and battery, threatening, disorderly conduct, criminal trespassing or harassment. As with any other type of domestic violence charge, spousal abuse charges are punished particularly seriously in the state of Arizona, leading to jail time, fines, supervised probation and mandatory treatment program participation.

If you have been accused of spousal abuse, you need our firm on your side. These types of cases tend to be addressed in both criminal court and family court, and attorneys Charlie Naegle and Brad Crider will work together to make sure your rights are protected. We'll negotiate with prosecutors, investigate the incident involved - which may well have been a simple misunderstanding - and do everything in our power to reach the best possible outcome for you.

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