Arizona Pre-Charge Representation

Legal representation while under investigation

In Arizona, prior to an indictment, there is what is called the investigation stage of a case. If an individual believes they are under investigation, this is the absolute best time to speak with and hire a criminal defense attorney. If you believe that you may be under investigation or if you are being contacted by the police to be questioned, it is extremely important to contact an attorney prior to speaking with anyone about your situation.

With the assistance of an attorney at this point in the investigation, it is possible to prevent charges from being filed altogether. Some of the potential benefits of working with Charlie during the investigation phase are:

  • Prevent filing of charges.
  • Reduce charges.
  • Avoid arrest.
  • Get out of jail if arrested.
  • Pre-Indictment resolution.
  • Deal with the police for you.
  • Protect your constitutional rights

Charlie Naegle will prevent the police and the prosecution from violating your constitutional rights.

Take proactive action to protect your rights and your freedom

Remember, this is the investigation stage of your case and the police and the prosecutor are working diligently to build a case against you. You need an attorney working on the investigation on your side of the case in order to thwart the state's plan to convict you. You need an experienced criminal defense attorney to take control and defend you before the charges are even filed against you.

Remember you have the right to remain silent, don't give the police any additional information than what they already think they have. Charlie Naegle is on your side and will fight for you right from the beginning. Don't wait until charges have been filed to start working on your defense. Contact Charlie for a free consultation today.

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