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Parole is an early release from prison contingent on maintaining good behavior. Even if you're making a good faith effort to follow the terms of your parole, it's possible that you'll run into trouble for a parole violation. Your freedom could be at stake, and you need a skilled criminal defense lawyer on your side. You need Charlie Naegle of Brown, Naegle, Crider & Jensen LLC.

Upholding the terms of your parole

In order to approve you for parole, the Department of Corrections evaluated your behavior and actions while you were in prison. The parole conditions always reflect the initial prison sentence or conviction. If you do not uphold each and every term of your parole, you may be sent back to prison to complete your sentencing, and perhaps more. Parole is akin to probation in both typical conditions and penalties if violated.

Parole may include the following conditions to be considered valid:

  • Attending any mandated court appearances
  • Completing all other conviction sentences not related to imprisonment
  • Obeying all laws - being arrested, not charged, may be enough to violate parole
  • Only using alcohol or legal recreational drugs within moderation

Parole will also often ban you from visiting certain people or going to specific places. Any such restriction will be related to your conviction. For example, if you were arrested and charged alongside another person who was also convicted, the two of you might not be able to meet or communicate as long as either one of you is on parole.

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If you've been accused of violating your parole, Charlie Naegle and his team can help. We may be able to call into question whether you actually violated the terms or negotiate with your parole officer to reduce or eliminate penalties. You have limited time to prepare for your hearing, and you need to take immediate action. Contact us right away.

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