Family Law Mediation

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In some divorces and other family law matters, mediation can be an effective and valuable process to help the parties involved work out their disagreements and engage in conflict resolution. Mediation involves both parties voluntarily agreeing to work with an appointed third-party mediator to discuss all disputed aspects of the matter. This is a step we recommend for many of our family law clients at Brown, Naegle, Crider & Jensen LLC.

For mediation to be successful, you need an attorney you can trust. Attorney Brad Crider is recognized in the legal community for his compassion and fairness. Serving as a judge pro tem in Maricopa County, Brad understands how to mediate impartially between the parties to a dispute, and his legal knowledge and creative thinking can help both parties move toward a fair and equitable resolution.

The advantage of mediation

Mediation can be a very successful and preferable alternative to lengthy litigation in court. It's designed to help those involved in a divorce to come to conclusions on their own, focusing on cooperation instead of fighting. Many people prefer the more informal setting of mediation to the courtroom.

Mediators involved are there to act as an objective third party, suggesting ideas as needed, but mostly ensuring each party's thoughts and opinions are heard and represented accurately. The mediator's goal should be to help both spouses reach a fair agreement on the issues at hand, including the division of property, parenting rights, child and spousal support.

One of the key advantages of mediation is that the parties remain in control of the matter. The mediator can recommend a resolution, but it is just that - a recommendation. A decision made by a judge, in contrast, is binding on both parties.

Experience in your corner

As with any divorce, there may still be strong disagreements that arise through mediation. There are emotional and sensitive subjects that will inevitably come up. It would be wise to have a family law attorney there for you as you go through mediation. Having an experienced attorney in your corner will ensure that your ideas and opinions are heard.

Brad Crider has helped many of his clients through the mediation process. From mediation preparation through the final decree of divorce, his ability to successfully represent his client is second to none. He's willing to bring his strengths and expertise to work for you during your mediation.

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