Contesting DUI License Suspensions

Take It Step-by-Step With a Mesa DUI Lawyer

When we are all learning how to drive, we are constantly reminded that driving is a privilege and not a right. As strange as that might seem - who does not rely on their automobile for day-to-day tasks? - it remains true, and the state can prevent you from driving at virtually any time. When you lose your driving privileges, this is known as having your license suspended.

If you are struggling with necessary activities, such as going to work or school, after having your license suspended, you need to act fast. In some cases, you may only have a few days or weeks to challenge the suspension. That's why you need to contact defense attorney Charlie Naegle of Brown, Naegle, Crider & Jensen LLC right away.

Why Your License Might Be Suspended

Driving privileges are considered to be in somewhat of a gray area of the law. In some regards, the criminal justice system is concerned with your driving record. In others, the Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) controls it, despite not being a law enforcement agency. Due to these overlapping complexities, your license may be suspended for a number of reasons, each of which often requires professional legal advocacy to challenge.

Your license might be suspended in Arizona due to:

  • Too many moving violations.
  • Driving under the influence (DUI) convictions.
  • Refusing chemical tests after being pulled over for a DUI.
  • Possessing no current or acceptable car insurance.
  • Disqualification due to medical or psychological afflictions.
  • Failing to pay child support.

Reinstating a Suspended Driver's License

If your driver's license has been suspended by the state and you were unable to challenge it in time, you still have your legal options. But you need to take action quickly. If you do not take the appropriate steps, you could be unable to drive, even after your suspension period has ended.

Usually, the following steps are required to reinstate your suspended license:

  • Pay all fines related to your charges or suspension.
  • Meet court requirements, such as paying overdue child support payments.
  • Complete your license's suspension period.
  • Obtain or retain car insurance coverage.
  • File appropriate documents with the DMV.

It could also be possible for you to request a restricted license. If approved, a restricted license will allow you to drive to and from necessary appointments and locations, such as your school or place of employment.

Do Not Sit Idly While Your Freedom of Mobility Slips Away

Part of what makes the United States of America so great is that people can go where they want, when they want. If the State of Arizona has taken away your driver's license in a suspension, you need to stand up for yourself and fight for your rights! Take control of this crisis situation with Charlie Naegle on your side. Call 480-378-9000 today.

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