Has Your Child Been Arrested in Mesa?

Protect your family with an experienced defense attorney

No parent ever expects their child to face charges. If your child has been arrested, your family may be in full-blown crisis. Trust juvenile defense lawyer Charlie Naegle of Brown, Naegle, Crider & Jensen LLC to help get the situation under control.

Minors (children under the age of 18) are typically charged as juveniles, meaning they are tried in a separate court with different consequences. Minors are capable of committing the same criminal offenses as adults, but their penalties are generally not as severe when they are charged as juveniles. Yet those penalties can still have serious and far-reaching consequences for your child's career, education and future.

Common juvenile crimes that we have handled include:

  • Alcohol violations (such as underage drinking, DUI, etc.)
  • Status offenses (curfew violations, truancy, etc.)
  • Theft
  • Simple assault
  • Vandalism

The juvenile justice system

Historically, Arizona courts are open to giving minors the chance to rehabilitate, rather than placing them directly in jail. This philosophy is based on the presumption that rehabilitation will prevent the minor from committing the crime again. However, you need an experienced juvenile defense attorney on your side to take advantage of that presumption and convince the court to give your child the opportunity to turn things around.

Minors who already have a criminal record, or who are convicted of serious felonies such as murder or rape, can be tried as adults and given those corresponding penalties. In Arizona, serious juvenile crimes are punishable by fines and either jail time or time in a juvenile detention facility.

Curfew violations

Arizona gives each city the power to institute their own curfew laws, which restrict how late a child can be unsupervised in public. Many parents and children are surprised to learn these laws are routinely and strictly enforced. The penalties associated with breaking curfew law are very real and both the parent and child may be cited for a violation. Your child might face a misdemeanor charge punishable by fines as well as community service, not to mention the creation of a juvenile record - which could lead to other future consequences.

Parents who knowingly encourage their children to break curfew, or allow them to do so through lack of supervision, may also be charged with a class 1 misdemeanor. Children who are picked up in public will be detained until the time when a parent or legal guardian can retrieve them. Failure or refusal to retrieve a child from police custody can also result in further punishment.

Importance of hiring an experienced juvenile defense attorney

Being charged with any juvenile crime can have a lasting, negative effect on a minor. Unless the minor's record is expunged, the criminal charge will remain on his or her record forever, making it difficult to qualify for a job, or apply to a university. Minors and their families need to do what they can to make sure charges for juvenile crimes do not have lasting negative repercussions.

A Mesa juvenile defense attorney can provide minors charged with juvenile crimes with the protection they need to get their life back on track. Attorneys like Charlie Naegle work with the minor, the family and the juvenile court system to ensure the best possible outcome for the child. Families should not try to represent their child on their own. The juvenile court system is very different from the adult system, and a thorough knowledge of the options and consequences available to minors can make all the difference for a child's future.

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