Drug Possession Crimes In Arizona

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Possession may be the least serious of all drug crimes, but in Arizona, the penalties are still severe. Depending on the type and quantity of drug in your possession, you may be facing significant fines and even jail time. The drug possession defense lawyers at Brown, Naegle, Crider & Jensen LLC can help you fight back.

Mesa defense attorney Charlie Naegle has extensive experience representing people charged with drug possession in both juvenile and adult court. Rely on Charlie to help you build a strong defense and take control of the situation.

Some of the drugs or illegal substances which are grounds for being charged with a drug possession crime include:

Latest drug trends show that prescription drugs have a higher percentage of drug abuse than that of illicit narcotics. Courts are becoming more and more concerned about cases being related to drug addiction. And with overzealous prosecutors and judges looking to make an example of some offenders, it's never been more important to get a spirited defense on your side.

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With many years of experience representing people facing drug charges in Maricopa County and throughout Arizona, attorney Charlie Naegle knows how to help you build a strong defense. Charlie's relationships with judges and prosecutors will help him to reach a favorable outcome in your case. He knows how to thoroughly investigate, find holes in the prosecution's case against you and fight back in negotiations and at trial.

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