Cybercrime Defense

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Every year, the number of cybercrime cases in Arizona and nationwide increases, and the punishments are likewise becoming harsher. Cybercrimes are complex cases with questions of jurisdiction and complex evidence.

That's why you need a cybercrime defense attorney at Brown, Naegle, Crider & Jensen LLC.

Attorney Charlie Naegle understands how complex and challenging these cases can be. He has the legal knowledge and familiarity with the court system needed to help you fight back if you've been charged with any of the following cybercrimes:

  • Hacking
  • Identity theft
  • Spamming
  • Credit card fraud
  • Illegal downloading
  • Cyber stalking
  • Computer crimes against a child
  • Internet sex crime
  • Internet threats

Because local, state and federal authorities can all claim jurisdiction over something that is Internet-based, defendants sometimes face multiple counts for the same Internet crime from different jurisdictions. You may be facing restitution payments, fines and even jail time. Moreover, for certain cybercrimes, your access to the Internet could be restricted, which can have serious consequences for your education or career.

Take control of the situation with an experienced lawyer

Don't let this crisis spiral out of control. Charlie Naegle and his team know how to handle complex white-collar crimes, including cybercrimes. There are specific standards of evidence that need to be followed to convict someone of a computer-based crime, and we'll call into question whether the prosecution has met those standards. Our knowledge of the laws and the courts will help us advocate for a favorable result for you.

Take immediate action if you've been charged with a cybercrime. Contact us online or call 480-378-9000 today.

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