Bench Warrants in Arizona

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What Is a Bench Warrant?

A bench warrant is an arrest warrant that a judge issues against either a defendant in a criminal case or a person involved in a similar administrative proceeding, such as a traffic ticket, in the event that they should fail to appear in court as instructed. While serious criminal cases will usually involve a "regular" arrest warrant, which involves immediate police action to locate and arrest a defendant, bench warrants usually do not mean that the police will show up at a defendant's door the following morning. Instead, the defendant's name and identifying information will be added to a statewide database accessible by all law enforcement personnel.

If the defendant should become involved with the police in any capacity, such as a traffic stop or a car accident, the police will take them into custody. Defendants with bench warrants may not be released until they are able to post bond - usually at a much higher amount than the first time - or until they appear before a judge.

Bench warrants can result from any of the following:

  • Your bail bondsman failed to notify you of your court date
  • The court sent your court summons to the wrong address
  • The court failed to notify your attorney of your court date

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Failure to appear charges and bench warrants are often the result of a simple mistake - usually on the part of someone other than the defendant. Unfortunately, these mistakes can end up making a defendant's situation far worse. You need a lawyer with significant criminal defense experience on your side to take control of the situation.

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