Grandparents: Custody and Visitation Rights

According to Arizona State law, grandparents and great-grandparents of minor children may petition the courts to be given visitation rights or custody privileges if they believe it is in the best interest of the child. However, there are many conditions that must be met for a court to grant such privileges to a non-legal parent....

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“A Child’s Best Interest”: Key Factors to Child Custody

When it comes to determining child custody and parenting time rights in the midst of a divorce, you've undoubtedly read the words "in the best interest of the child" countless times. But what does that really mean? Since every family dynamic is unique, you may be wondering how a judge can really determine what is...

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Modify Your Custody Arrangement: How Your Attorney Can Help!

Whether it is six months or many years after the divorce is said and done, you may find that it's time to modify your custody arrangement. Reopening discussion with your spouse on the issue of custody and parenting time can be difficult as it often means making another major alteration in your life, your spouse's...

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Top Celebrity Divorce Settlements

With fame, fortune, and success often comes the added difficulty of a very public personal life. Most people with large assets to protect enter marriage comfortably believing it will last, but find comfort in a prenuptial agreement in case it doesn't. When the unthinkable divorce does indeed happen however, many celebs give in to the...

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Choosing Battles: Knowing When to Fight and When to Concede

Most couples today get divorced because they no longer see eye-to-eye and argue frequently. When the reason for the divorce is marital conflict, the divorce process itself is likely to involve just as much arguing and disputing. It can be difficult in these times of stress, high-emotion, and anger to respond calmly. However, consciously choosing...

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The Benefits of Post-Nuptial Agreements

While many engaged couples find prenuptial agreements unnecessary and unromantic, a few years of marriage can sometimes make a post-nuptial agreement sound pretty enticing. Post-nuptial agreements are not just a selfish means of getting what you want in the event of a divorce, though. They are also useful tools for protecting joint finances, establishing mutual...

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Divorce: Where to Start?

Whether you have just been served divorce papers, recently made the decision to initiate a divorce, or seen divorce on the horizon for quite some time, it is easy to get overwhelmed by all that must be done. Aside from the emotional consequences of this change, there are important legal, financial, and practical matters that...

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